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CAA - Tactical gripi

Prix sur demande: +352-80 71 80

One of our most demanded products. Provides a solid & comfortable forearm grip, combined with drawn & pivot pods. Highly recommended for stability, moving targets & very effective in reducing the breath influence.

  • Strong & solid mechanism spring & legs.
  • Tremendously reliable in rough conditions, such as mad, sand & rain.
  • Easily to fit/remove from Picatinny rails due to the thumbnut locker.
  • Easy to operate the pods – thumb push button to release the pods & two fingers push to lock it back.
  • Safe to operate the pods – takes only the front forearm, so the main hand can always be ready on trigger & safe.
  • 140° pivoting – once lifting the pods, automatically set back to centre.
  • The bottom surface is made of solid rubber to avoid slipping.
  • Legs made of extremely strong polymer with metal inserts.
  • Equally made for left/right handed users.
  • Optional to add the #PGS pressure switch mount.
  • No gunsmith required • Mill-standard •