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CAA-Picatinny Bottom Mounted Bi-Pod

Prix sur demande: +352-80 71 80

The NBP Bottom Rail Mounting Bipod is equipped to fit onto a picatinny rail. This versatile bipod is ideal for snipers, sharpshooters, and other applications.  The NBP bipod has finger grooves for quick leg positioning. This is made of durable steel and polymer with comfortable rubber cover legs, enabling a non-slip grip.

→ Pods can be attached or detached with two swift movments
→ Innovative high mount position - allowing stability
→ The base mount includes Picatinny rail to fit forearm grip or other accessories
→ Each pod can be folded or unfolded separately
→ Equipped with a quick release push button pod extension
→ No external springs needed 
→ Made with a rigid lightweight design
→ Pods can be folded to the front or back